Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Great Disappointment

My many greats-grandfather Schaeffer came from here in the
great Palatinate emigration to the American colonies in 1710. This is Dickshied, Germany. I am standing in Hilgenroth, Germany, where his wife was from. I like knowing my roots.

I also like knowing where my tea is coming from and some vendors do a really good job with that, others don't. I ordered some Golden Pearls from Teas Etc. and all it says is that it is "an elegant smooth hand-rolled Chinese black tea. However, they no longer have it on their website, so I can't find out any more. This makes me wonder - did they not get much or is this last year's tea?

I reviewed this last year on Aug. 9 and gave it really high marks, as it was exquisite. This however, is rather hum drum, with few nuances, an ok smell and nothing to excite me. It's maybe even a touch sour or acrid. Rats, I thought I was getting something wonderful and it's below ordinary. I will try it on another day and hope for the best.


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