Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cold Wind, Warm Tea

Remains of a fresco on an archway in a German church. I am glad they
are working to preserve their heritage, these things should not be com-
pletely lost.

It is quite chilly today, with a cold wind blowing. When I looked up at the hills above us, I noticed how many of the trees are beginning to turn. It's too early, too fast!

Ah well, I will comfort myself with going to a warm country for a visit via my teacup. Thanks to Simpson and Vail I will go to the Kertasarie Tea Estate on Java. Java is the largest island in the Indonesian archipelago, home of the capitol of Jakarta and center of the old Dutch East Indies. The soil is volcanic and they use Javanese, Sumatran and China varietals of Camellia sinensis for their teas.

This particular tea is composed of small, very black leaves, with a number of twigs present. It has a wonderful dry scent of licorice and grilled veggies, which continues through the brewing process. I used boiling water for about 31/2 minutes and the tea was quite a dark reddish brown. Taste-wise, It was very close to a Ceylon. although it was not a bit malty, it had more of a roasted edge to it. I think it would have been better if I had brewed it for another minute. I also felt more of the taste cam out as it cooled. It is a pleasant tea, but not an exciting one.

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