Sunday, December 6, 2009

Travel mug with Vicky's Earl

I bought some Christmas gifts from Golden Moon teas and while I was at it I bought myself a travel infuser/cup. It is made by Bodum, the famous coffee press people. It is double walled plastic of some sort and you put your tea in the bottom, pour in your water, screw on the top and when your tea has brewed, push down the plunger, which settles into a nice little hollow in the lid. To keep your tea hottest, leave the flip lid you drink out of closed, or leave it open to cool. Because of the double walls, it doesn't get hot on the outside, just a bit warm, while your tea is very hot. It fits in your car cupholder and holds 16 oz of tea. I was looking for one about this size, 12 oz is too small. Although I was sad to see my old travel cup broken, I do like this one better, as I can brew in it and the outside remains cool. It is 17.95 from I must take extra care not to break this one.

Well, what did I put in it? Simpson and Vail's Victorian Earl Grey, from my stash of best-loved teas. To date, this is what I think is the best of the lavender scented Earl Greys, because you can taste both the lavender and the bergamot. There is also a touch of rose and something herbal. I went and looked at their website and that is rosemary. You brew it just like a regular black tea – 3.5 min at 212, 1 teaspoon per cup. It smells wonderful, tastes wonderful and almost everyone I have ever given it to has liked it. Personally I like it in the afternoon with a few cookies or scones and it is very nice after a big meal – it has just enough astringency/herbalness to settle things in.

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