Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Earl gets goofed again.

In case you've lost track, Christmas is getting very close. We are getting ready for two lots of much anticipated company, so this may be my last post for a bit. To add to the fun, our car needs transmission work and I
can't go much over 40. So, I'll be here when I can. In the meantime, take some time each day to sit down, have a cup of tea and just relax. We too often let ourselves get crazed and 10-30 minutes to refresh will do wonders for us all. Just think - in 5 years, none of this will even be remembered, let alone important.

I have been thinking about blended or flavored teas lately. To me, each element should be distinctive and harmonize well with the other flavors or the base tea to which the flavor adjuncts are added. Sadly this is often not the case and the results can range from just off to being too similar to other teas or falling far short of the mark.

Simpson and Vail's Summer Time Earl Grey is just such a tea. They say it has a light, smooth, refreshing peach taste, with subtle undertones of Earl Grey. So subtle that, other than a brief whiff of EG scent, the Earl seems to be missing completely. The peach tastes and smells more like that ill-defined “berry” and as it cooled it began to taste a bit like crayons. It is downright unpleasant cold. It is somewhat sweet, light and smooth, but fails to deliver anything else.

By the way. I mentioned I got the Republic of Tea catalog a few days ago. In it is a gingko leaf tea trivet. Swoon. I love gingko leaves. If I get money for Christmas, that is definitely a consideration.
Another “by the way” if you need a simple new treat for Christmas, look up “saltine cracker candy” on Google. It is very easy – takes about 15 minutes, and tastes like chocolate coated toffee. Just be very watchful so you don't burn the sugar or especially yourself. It really is tasty.

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