Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa's Comin'!

We had a fun day today. There's a community near us with a lot of poor folk. The churches and Grange and community get together to provide a Christmas party where the kids get “Santa dollars” to buy presents for others, decorate ornaments and cookies and get presents from Santa. My husband, with his white beard and mustache, was Santa. I got to sit on his lap, but I didn't get a present. Before we left I carefully made a cup of Jing's Yunnan Tea in my new travel mug. And just as carefully left it in the car. So all I can say about it is it is pretty good cold.

When we came home, I brewed up some Special Teas Earl Grey de la Crème. This is a pretty tea, with cornflower petals and some pale yellow ones to enliven the little black leaves, which I brewed at about 212 degrees for 3 minutes. Both the dry leaves and the brewing ones had a strong smell of bergamot and something like lemon chiffon pudding. In fact, that is what the tea tasted like. It is very mouth-filling and almost feels like you have a creamy coating in your mouth. There isn't a lot of tea taste and to me it really didn't taste like Earl Grey, but I found it quite pleasant. It's a tea I would certainly drink, and could recommend, but not one I would buy. It simply isn't to my taste. I might serve it to guests with a piece of spice cake or molasses cookies, as I feel it would go very well with them.

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