Friday, November 20, 2009

Gingering up Bowdoin College

The nose still doesn't know much, so I will continue to pass on some information and a tea review I have been saving for just such an occasion.

Bowdoin Collge, in Maine, is giving a course in the history of tea! Wowee kazowee! If you go to this link you'll read about it and see a video of the students doing a tea tasting. It's worth it.

If you are interested in attending tea events around the country or world, has them listed! They is part of, which has all sorts of information for tea people.

I am trying another of my stash of teabag teas. It is Tazo's Green Ginger. The ingredients are green tea, ginger, pear and lemon grass. When I opened the well wrapped bag, I was greeted with a wonderful smell I could not identify but it reminded me strongly of Chinese food – perhaps bamboo shoot with lemon. I brewed it at 180 for 2 minutes and it continued to smell very nice. The tea brew itself is a very good balance of flavors, not too gingery, with a warm, not tart flavor of lemon with a hint of sweetness. I think it would be ideal for those who want to drink green tea, but aren't sure they want to taste green tea. I also think it would be a pleasant accompaniment for milder Chinese food, like dumplings or scallion pancakes. Definitely a keeper.

The picture is that of a balcony in a small German church. I doubt we would be accused of sleeping through a service!

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Steph said...

Thank you for that link to the tea calendar! I had not known of that.