Thursday, November 12, 2009


I guess this is the week for corrections.

Yesterday I received a communique from the people who do the press releases for the Eight Cranes tea steeper which I mentioned in my post Oct 20. Apparently the company had not told them the tea steeper should NOT have boiling water poured into it. Also, it will indeed break if it is dropped. I have gone back to that post and amended it and now you can read it here. The double wall construction is solely to keep you from burning your hands.

If you can't use boiling water and I would probably only use it for black tea to travel, guess I won't be buying one.


parTea lady said...

Hi Marlena. Congrats on being the winner of my giveaway at Tea and Talk. Please email me at and give me your mailing address. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Marlena:
Just read through your blog - you've given me lots of ideas for new teas to try! Keep going - can never have too many teas to try!