Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bali Calling

I have a bunch of teas I keep for my die-hard teabag friends and I thought I would try some over the next few weeks. I need to know if they’re swill and should go out with the compost or if I can keep serving them. I kind of like Roastaroma, it’s pleasant and nostalgic, as I said.

Today I tried another Celestial Seasoning offer, Bali Black Raspberry. Black raspberries are my favorite summer fruit, along with regular raspberries. I have always enjoyed Celestial's packaging and the sayings they include. They are very colorful and relate well to the tea inside. This tea has the ubiquitous hibiscus, blackberry leaves, black raspberries, natural flavorings and raspberries. I have never understood the inclusion of blackberry or raspberry leaves. I’ll ask Celestial and see what they say.

The dry leaves give off a definite black raspberry smell, which is pleasant and of course, fruity. Unfortunately, for my taste, the flavor was too much, coming across as soapy or perhaps what perfume might taste like. I am, as you know, not a fruit tea person, so that is a factor. Mulch pile. It is too bad, as I love the smell.
No, I’ll put it in the potpourri I am making.
As you know. or should, if you don't, tea absorbs scents and flavors easily, which is why we are aways encouraged to keep them in airtight, light restricting containers. The best are either the foil packets they sometimes come in, metal or pottery canisters. Please, please don't put them in plastic. Over time they will absorb any odor or flavor present and taste awful.

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