Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hissy fits and Red roses

Man, you have never experienced a hissy fit until you have four cats mad at you! Yesterday was Halloween and I always keep my kitties in from about 3 pm until morning. Well, they said! Let’s dump over the wastebasket. No, let’s pull out all the paper from the recycling. No, let’s all scream at once. Let’s chew the plants. I have it, climb the plant we broke last week! No! NO! I will have kitty stew for supper!

We gave out an enormous 5 gallon pot of candy and that only covered the first hour of festivities! The cutest costume was a kangaroo, complete with enormous tail and baby roo. Very clever. I do like to see the little ones - they are so excited to be out. But I am just as happy it’s over and I can go buy half-price chocolate. That IS the real Halloween for grown-ups, right?

All that has nothing to do with tea, but a lot to do with the need for “a nice cup of tea and a sit down”. A nice soothing cup of chamomile would be just the thing..

Today’s tea was had out and it was just a pleasant pot of Red Rose – a brand many of us grew up on. Nothing to rave about, just something warm on a cold day

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