Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Is Coming

It is indeed almost Spring - we have ants in the kitchen.  I whipped out my Terra ant killer and they are feasting and tomorrow will be dead ants!  So there.

I was bemoaning the fact that my neighbors had seen a robin, but I had not.  However, yesterday when I came home from errand running, there were 15 on my front lawn, enjoying the sun!  And I heard a red wing blackbird, who is a sure sign of Spring approaching.  The ice is almost gone from the pond and there are only a few clumps of snow here and there.  The creeks are running and the river is quite high.  Our neighbor's snowdrops are blooming.  I really want it to be Spring, in case you can't tell.

We have been having "wait-a-minute" weather.  Wait a minute and it's different. We had sun, snow, rain, sun and what the weatherman calls dibbles - which I think are clumps of snow flakes that look like hail, but aren't.  At the moment it is misting with an occasional snowflake or rain drop.

I have no new tea to report on, but I will soon, as I have ordered some early greens from Life in Teacup.  Last year I had pre-Qing Ming and and another very early tea from Gingko and I understood why these are so precious - absolutely delicious!  One was plucked and processed on March 5!  I guess their Spring was a lot earlier than ours this year.

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