Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Make It So

What Ho, Star Trek and Earl Grey tea fans!  There is a company that sells Captain Pickard's favorite beverage and it has good reviews.  It is Think Geek, www.thinkgeek.com  and the tea is.....Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.  I ordered some to try and will report for duty when it arrives in my ready room.  They also have a number of rather odd, but interesting things there.

As a result, I am finding myself wanting some Earl Grey.  But, there is not a scrap, not even a tea bag of it to be found.  Oh,Woe is I.  I am consoling my self with Upton's Finest Russian Caravan,TB70, a blend of teas from India, China and Formosa.  Unlike many others, there is no smokiness to this tea, which is supposed to emulate the scent of all those campfires on the way from China to Russian in the old days.  No "odour de camel sweat", either, for which I am quite happy.  Instead, the dry tan, grey and black leaves smell mostly of corn silage in the silo, which to this farm chick, was always a pleasant aroma.

I brewed the tea for 4 minutes, with boiling water.  It smells like a pleasantly damp woods with some green hints and some roasted corn hints.  The liqueur is a pleasant amber and does indeed taste roasty and woodsy, with a bit of spice and a long, smooth finish.  It does well with a bit of milk in it as well.  A very nice drink on a wet, cold, gloomy day.

I want this for my front door!