Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's A Lovely Day Today

It's a lovely day in the neighborhood.  The sun is shining, I remembered to set the clocks ahead and spring is in the air.  Quite literally, as there are returning birds flying around and singing their hearts out.  The phoebes are back, with their distinctive song, for which they were named.  I realized this morning that although I have been singing the praises of snow, I am sick of winter and want to move forward.  I want to see the bulbs poking up noses with the promise of flowers, I want to know if the lavender survived and will there be enough tarragon, all those green things.

Having said that, I am not quite ready to switch to primarily green teas.  It is still too cold.  However, I noticed a sample of Jasmine Pearls tea from the Tea Spot and I haven't had Jasmine tea in a while, so...  I am as changeable as our weather.

In the packet, the pretty little green and white balls gave off a sweet simple jasmine aroma.  I brewed it for 3 minutes with water about 170 degrees.  There was that same gentle aroma!    This tea is lovely, a very gentle jasmine, sweet, but not overwhelming and definitely not one of the cloying ones.  Just about perfect, I would say.

How's this for a fancy, schmancy altar?  I believe it is in Sorrento, Italy.

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