Thursday, August 16, 2012

So Long Assam

Oh dear, I have a tea I really like and now discover it is no longer available. Phooey.  I am not a great fan of Assam tea.  Many are wonderful but many get too tannic too fast or they are too malty or too heavy or just too something.  And no, I am not going on a rant.  The tea is Assam Breeze from Teavana and it is a very attractive tea, a fine mix of brown and gold.    The dry aroma is chocolate-y with a twist of lime.

I brewed it a bit light, with boiling water for 3.5 minutes.  The result is a medium amber cup that is very, very pleasant.  Nothing special, no particular nuances or tastes.  I had it with cream and felt very cozy.  It is perhaps like the teas I had as a child, milky, soft and surrounded with love.  I am sorry this tea is discontinued, but I know there are other sources for some very nice Assam teas, so I won't cry too hard.

The weather here is finally moderating and our temperatures are just upper 70's, perhaps low 80's, with little or no humidity.  Summer as it should be, in my book.

I have also been drinking "Ice Tea Blend" from our local tea shop, Serendipity.  I think she may get it from Metropolitan Teas, a big wholesaler.  It is so accommodating.  I put it in the pitcher in the morning yesterday and forgot about it until this morning and it's lovely.  Usually, overnight is about all you should do with black teas.  It is mild and on the plain side, with teas from about 7 countries.  I like my ice tea to be gentle, whereas Himself likes it strong enough to carry bricks and then he puts milk in it!  As you might imagine, we always have 2 pitchers of ice tea going.

A lot of trees are beginning to show color.  Or maybe they are dying from heat and drought stress, although the latter usually takes 2-4 years.  The canopy was much thinner this year, as well.  The stream that comes out of our bog is the very merest trickle, hardly worth mentioning.  I have heard that bears up in the Adirondacks are breaking into houses in search of food, as the drought has produced so little for them.  I don't think it is that bad here, but I noticed that blackberries that are generally half a thumb size are only pinky sized.Quite the reverse from last year's overwhelming rains.

How's this for a cool relicry?

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