Monday, August 20, 2012

Marlena and the Tea of Siam

My friend Tommy the Toadman sent me some lovely tea in an exchange.  It is from the Siam Tee Shop,  The name is quite long, DMS Oolong Nr. 12 Jin Xuan Blue Pearls.  It comes from North Thailand.  The original plants were from the Ali Shan region of Taiwan and found a home similar enough in Thailand to settle in and produce some good teas.  Thailand has not been a big contender in the tea market, but if this tea is typical, they are small but mighty!

The small hand-rolled balls of tea are indeed vaguely blueish in color and give off a faint grassy, herbal aroma.  I brewed it for 2 minutes, after rinsing it.  At first, I just thought it smelled grassy and maybe a bit floral and then there seemed to be some depth to it.  It is mostly orchid tasting, with a few sharp points to keep the interest going.  It seems to be an alluring tea, one that keeps drawing you back when you think you're done.

The unfurled leaves were smaller than I expected, even on the second brew, when they were completely unrolled.  The orchid scent is much stronger this time.  It also carries a sweet note that wasn't there before, perhaps a touch of sugar cookie.  The taste is quite different, however.  There are now metallic hints around the orchid note, but only sometimes.  Other sips are pure floral.  Definitely a tea that keeps you going back for more!

Thanks, Tommy

Ya know, I can see why blue jays have such a bad rep.  There are a few here I would like to throw to Siberia - always with the loudmouth!  It's the young ones, probably trying to make their mark on the world.  They can't seem to distinguish between the dangerous cats - Bert and Ernie and the ones who couldn't possibly stir themselves to attack.  But I might!   If Sarah and Andy do wake up, they just look at them and go back to sleep.

An Imperial robe of the Hapsburgs.  Being an emperor might have its perks, but can you imagine having to wear something coated with gold and jewels - hot and heavy and you couldn't twitch or scratch.

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