Thursday, August 30, 2012

Real Simple Teas

I know that many of you read Real Simple Magazine.  I do.  Recently they picked some ready to drink iced teas as their favorites and here they are:

Whether you like your brew crisp and thirst-quenching or sweet and silky, one of these iced tea winners—chosen by Real Simple magazine from 74 contenders—will suit you to a tea.
Best Lightly Sweetened: Tazo Organic Iced Black Tea
Brisk, flavorful, and satisfying, this crowd-pleaser comes from—surprise!—the java aficionados at Starbucks (which also owns Tazo).
Best “Sweet”:  Sweet Leaf Organic Sweet Tea
This iconic southern take on tea is strong and sugary but never cloying. Happily, you don’t need to be below the Mason-Dixon Line to enjoy it: Just head to the grocery store.
Best Unsweetened:  Tejava Unsweetened Black Tea 
Unsweetened teas can be harsh and tannic. But not this soft, smoky favorite made with hand-picked leaves from Indonesia.
Best Lemon:  Pure Leaf Iced Tea With Lemon
Like your tea with a little pucker? Give this icy refresher a try. Fresh and tangy, it stops just this side of tart, thanks to a welcome dash of sugar.
Best Peach: Snapple Peach Tea 
Lush, juicy fruit flavor elevates this black- and green tea blend far above the syrupy, candy-like competition. Make it your new convenience-store go-to.
Best Green:  Honest Tea Classic Green Tea
Sure, it’s healthy—courtesy of all those antioxidants. But it’s also delicious: Think vibrant notes of green apple and mango.

This is all very nice and I have tried some of these myself, but I wish they had done more with loos-leaf teas.  Maybe we could suggest that for sometimes in the fall or winter!  I would have to quibble with the best peach.  It really tastes nothing of tea and is heavily chemical tasting.  Generally if I don't think of them as tea, they're ok.

What do you think of their selections?


Sara S. said...

I haven't tried the Tejava tea, but have tasted the others. I don't really care for any of them, my favorite bottled tea is from Ito En, and it is just tea, nothing added. I actually don't mind the snapple peach tea, especially since now they use real sugar. But for me it's a nostalgic taste, since I used to drink it in college. it's not because it actually tastes like tea.

Steph said...

It's nice to see the existence of non-sweet versions among these!