Thursday, June 7, 2012

Whatta Ya think, Pink?

Today I was thinking of my friend Pinky.  She was nick named that because of her red hair, and because she hated her given name.  Pinky didn't have a lot of money and was sort of a simple soul, but she was rich in love. She had a generous heart that reached out to many people. She loved to laugh and it was infectious.  We often embarrassed ourselves because something would strike us funny, even a funeral once.  She was the kind of person you could always feel comfortable with because she was honest with you, but never ugly about it.  She was infinitely supportive, even if she thought you were nuts.  Pink loved her cup of tea and we spent countless time with a cup in her kitchen.  It was never fancy, just Tetley's or Red Rose, but there was warmth and laughter and tears and love.  I miss her.

To me, that is one of the joys of tea, the sharing of life in a quiet moment.  Somehow, the accessibility of tea, the simple rituals, make it ideal for stopping for a while to appreciate the good things in your life, friends, love, laughter, critters.  Somehow coffee just isn't the same.  In a way coffee seems to be something you can just grab and not think about, whereas tea requires a bit of attention.  Even tea bags.  After all, you have to make sure it's the right strength and squeeze it out just so.  A cup of tea with a friend lifts the spirits.

So, here's to friends present and gone ahead and endless cups of tea!

A quiet courtyard in a monastery.  Pinky would have loved this, she was a woman on a spiritual journey and lovely places of quietude restored her and drew her to God.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful words about your friend, Marlena! I agree completely about tea. It is the official beverage of friendship. :)