Monday, June 4, 2012

Just Peachy

I must have been thirsty when I was at the store.  I saw some Tazo Giant Peach Green Tea in bottles by the register and I just had to try it.  Especially since it was on sale.  I didn't even read the label.  When I got it home, I discovered it had sugar, apple juice, peach juice, natural peach flavor, concentrated peach juice, ginger juice and citric acid.  Goodness.  Oh yes, water and green tea.  Can't forget the tea.

In spite of all that, I stuck it in the fridge and I am now drinking it.  It is very tasty and I like it a lot.  However, I don't know how they can call this green tea.  There simply isn't any tea flavor, except for the very barest whisker, maybe, far off in the distance.  However, if you like peach juice that isn't overly sweet, this is lovely.

I have 2 pitchers of tea in the fridge preparing themselves for the evening.  One is a green from DeVos Tea, Fresh Flower, and the other is a blend of Assams for Himself.

I saw a lovely weaving of wildflowers today, wild phlox, daisies and buttercups had entwined themselves under a wild rose.

I am quite annoyed with the blue jays, they really are doing their greedy best to keep all the goodies I put out for themselves.  A poor little downy was trying to hop on the suet when the jay flew down and landed exactly where he was perched.

We certainly do have a nesting pair of rose-breasted grosbeaks.  They've been here about 2 weeks and they take turns coming to the feeders.  They are quiet birds who just sit and eat for a while and then fly off.  We have lots of goldfinches - this year, the males are so bright, you almost need sun glasses to look at them.

Out Master Gardener plant sale was Saturday and we made over $3,100.  This was all from plants we had donated.  That is amazing!  Worth all the hard work.  The money is used to fund the programs we do for the community, like the community garden, container garden kits, books for kids and so on.  Lots of things.

If you were the Austrio-Hungarian Emperor, you, too, could have a life size memorial like this in your church, including lions.

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