Friday, March 18, 2011

Tea Community Offers Aid to Japan

I feel so sad for the people of Japan, living through that earthquake and now having the chance of life-killing radiation hanging over them. So many countries around the Pacific rim have had awful earthquakes and tsunamis in the past few years, ever since the big tsunami, caused by a severe underground quake, back in December about 5 years ago. Such devastation.

I feel kind of small saying it, but it doesn't affect the Japanese tea fields, which are a long way south, unless the radiation cloud blows that way. That is very unlikely and indeed, a very small thing compared to the horror those folk are living through each day. If you would like to find out about relief efforts from the tea community, please go to or . Sakura refers to the cherries, which are to bloom in about 2 weeks.

The Leaf at is an online magazine - an ezine, if you're fussy. It has just published the 8th issue, with some interesting things about Chinese tea and tea life.

I just learned that a local B&B in Candor, NY has won awards for its afternoon tea.That is only about 30 minutes from here,so I had best take a little trek and see how it is!

I have no tea tastings to offer today, I've only had old favorites I've reviewed before. However, there are more signs of Spring! Almost all the snow is gone from our front yard and the Alps by the garage are reduced to mere foothills. The dawn chorus of bird song has returned - first time today! Flies and bugs are out. Also the mice, as Ernie was so generous to share with us by eating it in the middle of the living room. Some signs aren't so great.

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