Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tea With the Queen

This is about the clearest picture I got of Vesuvius. This is taken
from the southern side of Naples Bay, in Sorrento, close to the Isle of Capri. The island my husband's grandfather came from is Ischia, to the west of the peninsula above.

I am really feeling rich today. One of my new neighbors brought me a welcome present of a sampler box of Tea Forte, plus 2 of their handy little square ceramic teabag holders. As you know this tea comes in very stiff pyramids, with a small leaf attached, so you can pull it out when it's done brewing. I've only tried one of them before and it was pretty good, so you will soon be hearing about them. They get an A+ for pretty packaging.

My tea today is again iced, Culinary Teas Buckingham Palace Tea. Supposedly, this is the blend the Queen serves at her mammoth garden parties. I can't say, as I have never been invited. This is one of my favorite teas and I made a pot of it yesterday, but we only each had a cup, so I put the rest in the fridge. I have to say, it is every bit as good iced as it is hot. It is a blend of teas, with hints of Earl Gray and jasmine to lighten it. More of the bergamot than the jasmine comes out in the cold, but they both make it very refreshing on a hot afternoon, after a rigerous morning of taking a hissing, spitting, scratching cat to the vet for her annual shots and exam. Tomorrow it is the 3 boys' turn, but they are much nicer about it all.

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Denise said...

Hi Marlena! Glad you liked the Buckingham Palace, I will have to try it iced now. Hope your trip to the vet was not too traumatizing. Have a great day!