Friday, July 2, 2010

Here Kitty, Kitty, Come Get Your Tea

Just a peaceful river in a small town.

I think this falls in the category of “now I've heard everything”, but I am not sure. There is a company selling cat litter made from wood shavings and, are you ready?, Green tea. In a way, it makes sense, as tea is very odor absorbent. I think I may try it, with the litter I do have and some tea that is too old. Check it out at

One of the things I love about summer is the farmers market. It is really wonderful to be able to buy good local produce in the morning and go home and make something with it, Yesterday I made a sour cherry pie. I love sour cherries! Lots of work, but oh, the taste. And chard to make a veggie tart, fresh green beans, sweet little beets, yum. Almost as good as your own garden, which we didn't plant due to the move.

Today's tea is an old favorite, iced. Queen Catherine's Blend, from Harney's. I've reviewed it before as a hot tea, and I have to say it makes a very nice ice tea, with a little bit of True Orange in it. It is named in honor of Queen Catherine of Barganza who is credited with popularizing tea in England.

We went to a new Japanese Buffet in Binghamton today, as a reward for finally! Cleaning out everything from our old house. Ick! It was a great reward, as the food was quite good and they had an excellent Oolong for tea. A very dark roast, it almost looked like a black tea in the cup. It was a good sturdy tea, well able to stand up to the deeper and spicier foods of the buffet. Much of the food was Chinese, rather than Japanese, but it was good anyway. Next time we go, if it is less busy, I am going to try and find out what kind of tea we were served. I might even remember the actual name of the place!


Bernideen said...

I have a necklace I love - I call it my Catherine of Braganza necklace! Have ahappy 4th and weekend!

Marlena said...

OOh, good for you - I love the ides!