Friday, January 1, 2010

Rosemary tea

I am experimenting. I have been meaning to try Rosemary in my tea and since my rosemary plants needed a trim, I thought, “Why not?” I stripped the leaves from one branch and put it in a pot with some Darjeeling tea. I used water at 208 degrees and brewed for about 3 minutes. It certainly tastes like rosemary! I think I used too much, as a modest scent and taste would have been better. I generally do tend to go overboard – more fun. Next time I am going to measure it so I can work on it and really be a “tea blender”. Ho ho.

I am experimenting in general as I got a Panasonic hot water boiler/keeper for Christmas. I am going to be trying all sorts of my teas with this to see if keeping water hot all day makes the tea better, worse or the same. Or if I can even tell, given that mine is not the best palate in the world. It arrived just in time, as the switch on my electric kettle is giving up the ghost.

On this New Year's Day, may this coming year be one in which we all strive to live in love, truth, kindness, peace, patience, hard work and enjoy it while we do it. Let us reach out to others and be able to look back on Dec 31, 2010 and say “It was a very good year.”

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