Monday, January 11, 2010

Bolder breakfast

This is my face after falling on the ice, hearing the temperature (4 degrees) and learning it will snow again today. Not really, as I do like winter. I just would like it more with lots of sun. If you live in the Northeast, you have to hone your weather-complaint skills. Or not, since the sun did come out and it hasn't snowed yet.

If you are interested in organic tea, please read Babette's comment on yesterday's post.

Bolder Breakfast, doesn't that sound like something you need to get going in the morning? It did to me, too, when I ordered a sample from The Tea Spot. It is a blend of three kinds of tea, to which is added a fourth, Puerh, plus some dark chocolate liquor. Swoon! I loved it, it is so full and rich. Better yet, he who doesn't get excited about tea, loved it! It is so rich and smooth with a bit of sweetness. Those of you who are afraid of Puerh, don't be afraid of this. It just adds a good grounding note to somewhat lighter teas. It is very dark and deep. I am not sure I would like it every morning, as I usually like a fairly plain cup, but as a treat, it would be fine.


Jenn S. said...

I agree, 4 degree weather is not pleasant. Thankfully that rarely happens here.

And I am gonna put Bolder Breakfast on my list of teas to try. Sounds great!!

Tea Spot Chef said...

Thanks for the kind words about our Bolder breakfast. We actually blended it especially for the coffee drinkers, like me. I've been drinking it every morning for 4 years and never crave coffee any more.

Marlena said...

It's good stuff!