Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brigitte's Blend in a Giant Cup and Saucer

Now this would be the way to see a beautiful city, quietly, gently.

I have another new toy! Sent to me by Adagio Teas. It is their “Giant Cup and Saucer.” A very accurate name, as it is indeed huge. I think it is made from that now famous borosilicate glass. It holds about 12-14 ounces of tea, comes with a stainless steel infuser and a lid the fits over the infuser perfectly, going on to very neatly flip over and hold the infuser when you are done brewing. I love it! The infuser, filled with the tiniest holes, to hold the tiniest leaves, fills and empties perfectly and quickly, with no mess. I was skeptical about the cup, however, as it is quite wide across the top and I thought my tea would very quickly get cold. Not so! It kept it hotter, longer, than my usual mugs do. I have to buy one for my husband as well.
I didn't use an Adagio tea to try this out – bad me. Instead, I was trying a sample I bought from Harney's, Brigitte's blend. This is named for Mike Harney's wife, Brigitte and echoes the breakfast teas of her birth country, France. The tea is made up of mostly tiny leaves, predominately a soft brown with some silvery touches.. It smells very fresh with a good whiff of chocolate. It is a rich blend of Ceylon and Assam. I think it is a very well done blend as nothing really sticks out, it has a very slight chocolate taste, is very mellow and bright, and is almost sweet, but not quite. They did a good job with this one and it would be a really enjoyable drink for either breakfast or afternoon, preferably in the shadow of Notre Dame de Paris or on the “Boule Miche.”

"On the 1oth day of snowing, my true love gave to me, a very hot pot of tea" If you think you're sick of this, think of me!


Elizabeth said...

I'll have to try some of that Brigitte's Blend - it sounds delish. As for 10 days of snow, I just found out today that where I live, we had rain every single day of December. Yep, 31 days of rain. That's not including the wet days in November and January. I'm going to start looking into arks ...

Marlena said...

Okay, you definately win. Especially since here it is almost 11 and it hasn't snowed yet. I have a spare hammer you could have!