Friday, February 7, 2014

Eye, Eye Tea Drinkers

Ah, snow, lovely deep white, shining snow.  I see it now and then, when I can be vertical.  I am recovering from the third eye operation for a detached and/or tearing retina since the middle of November.  I can be up for 30 minutes an hour, up from 6 minutes, but that still does not leave enough time to write. When you have these operations, you have to have your head down close to your knees because there is a gas bubble in your eye, holding the retina in place until it heals. My husband is having a knee replacement next week, so I have been busy making sure we have rides everywhere for that too.  We have been blessed with wonderful friends and neighbors who have really supported us in this time.

I haven't drunk any new teas.  Somehow, trying to savor tea through a straw doesn't quite make it.  With my head down, everything had to be drunk through straws.

So tea was not a new experience, but I rediscovered poetry and crocheted and read like mad.  However, I am getting BORED with my projects and my lack of new teas and not doing any tea reading or writing.  But come March, I hope to be back to normal.  I'd better- Spring is coming!

I hop you and your loved ones are safe and warm and drinking wonderful teas.

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