Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why, Oh Why

Tell me why:
It's your best sock the laundry loses,
It's your favorite shoe the dog chews,
You can't find your keys only when you're already late,
And the only teapot you chip, crack or smash is one you really like.

The cupboards are crammed with pots that are too big, too ugly, too drippy, too something awful and there they are, pristine, while the treasured ones look like a small version of Armageddon ran through.  Well, that last is an exaggeration, but you get the picture.  I know, I know, it's that disgusting law of averages again, but I still find it really annoying and sometimes, heart-breaking - like the two bunnies doing a tango - my Valentine pot, sadly smashed to smithereens.

We are awaiting "The Big Storm".  Come on, folks, it's winter.  Winter has storms.  I have my tea and toast all lined up and my boots are ready, so I can go out and appreciate it, both it's howling wind and the quiet of new snow.  If it's too bad, I'll even wear my pink ski hat and frighten all the neighbors.

However, at the moment, I am enjoying a pot of  Kenya Black Highland, from Royal Tea of Kenya  I have reviewed this before, but since I discovered something new about it, I had to do it again.  It is a very finely cut CTC tea and normally, I brew these for about 2 minutes.  However, due to inattention, this went for 3 minutes and how fortuitous that was.  What emerged with the longer brew is a delightful flowery-ness, almost akin to one of the finer Oolongs.  It's wonderful!  Well worth pushing the tea.  It is, of course, underscored by a nice, sturdy blackness, but I love the high notes.

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