Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Tea Lemon

The wind is screaming and roaring around the house, tearing at the pines, whose branches are bent as far as they can go to get away from the onslaught.  The dead leaves of even the oaks are running down the road, fighting with the dust and tiny hail to get as far as they can from this monster.  Bare branches are laughing as the torrent just sieves through them and they gracefully bend and point, bend and point.

Another good day for tea, the perfect accompaniment to storm watching.  I really love storms.  When I was a kid, I loved to be on our porch and watch the storms roar down the hillside across the lane from the house.  There would be curtains of rain and wild wind!

However, back to tea.  I got some Lemon Black Tea in a swap.  It is from Wegman's, the wonder store!  The first time I made it, I was a bit, well, a lot, disappointed, as it was such a strong lemon peel taste, I couldn't really drink it.  The second time, today, I got smart and diluted it with a scoop of English Breakfast to two scoops of the lemon.  Next time I think I will do half and half. As you can tell, I wasn't very taken with it originally.  I think the lemon peel had too much of the white pith left on it, which made it bitter, although there was  lemon flavoring that was trying very hard to overcome this.  The aroma was delightful, although there was that bitterness.  The second time I had it, there was more flavor and less bitterness, but I think the blenders need to reassess and try again.

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