Friday, November 9, 2012

Tea News

There will be an International Tea Festival in San Francisco on Sun. Mar 10 in San Francisco.  For more information  go to

There is a new tea company in Tennessee, Angelique Greer's Legacy Tea Blends.  She draws heavily from her African-American folk medicine roots, inspired also by European folk roots as well.  Angelique is a holistic nutritionist and uses these skills in her tea blending.  This is a true family business, as her husband and three children are also involved.  Many of her recipes she learned from her grandmother and she is now passing them on to her children and one day, hopefully to grandchildren.

The Republic of Tea has some new blends - Black Currant Cinnamon for one.  They have a lot of small samples that would make great stocking stuffers.

 Samovar Tea  has a twenty per cent sale on for black teas - use blackt20 as the code.  Only black teas, remember.

October saw the launch of the new on-line branch of Rare Tea Cellar, which previously only sold to the most exclusive and expensive restarants in the world.  I checked out the site and there are certainly some very pricey items there.  There are a few that are less expensive, but there is nothing to indicate how many ounces you are getting for your money.  There are also teawares and some high end food items

Thanksgiving Thought - Over the course of several days discussions about many things, I realized how thankful I am that I grew up in a family that may have been poor in worldly goods, but was rich in love and generosity.  That love and generosity was turned outward to the community in a sharing of what we had.  Long before there were books or catch phrases about "It takes a village", my family lived it.  I am thankful that I can be generous as well.


Steph said...

One of my favorite shops, Imperial Tea Court, is also hosting at 10% online discount through year's end. Code: CelebrateWithTea

The Teaist said...

Thanks for sharing those links! Will feast my eyes on the rare tea shop. SF is too far away but one can dream, right?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!