Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Autumnal Teas

Ah yes, summer is fading and fall is coming in.  The night insects are different, louder and more insistent.  Crickets  are making a lot of noise and soon, I expect one or two to come in.  The huge yellow striped garden spiders, the Black and Yellow Argiope, are weaving their nets over everything.  They are harmless unless seriously threatened and quite beautiful.  Ragweed and golden rod are more heavily blooming than I remember seeing.  Not good for those allergic to ragweed, like my poor husband.  Some poor unfortunates are also allergic to golden rod, which is very rare, so they are suffering a double whammy.

I guess it is time to think of fall teas.  I am not a fan of flavored teas, but I know many of you are.  Harney's has African Autumn, a blend of Rooibos, Cranberry and Orange.  They also have Cranberry Autumn and Boston Teas.  If you prefer spicier offerings, they have Cinnamon Spice and Indian Spice.  The only one I have had is Cranberry Autumn and I thought it was very good.

Simpson and Vail has a really nice one, Nutcracker, with chocolate, mint, cinnamon, cranberries and orange.  Good enough to eat?  Here's one that sounds like it - Pumpkin Pie Black Tea.  I really prefer my pie on the side, with some cheddar or ice cream.  If cranberries are your thing, you're in luck here, as they have 4 or 5 teas with cranberries in them.  To go with, there are a lot of scones, cookies and spreads with an autumn theme.

Celestial Seasonings has come out with Sweet Harvest Pumpkin, in addition to it's Christmas teas.  Gingerbread Spice is one that would be tasty now if  you prefer  no caffeine.  You can buy these on line if you are afraid of not catching them in the grocery stores,  I know their shelf life is really short as the holidays get closer.  Just go to their site - and order.

Personally, what I am waiting for are the autumnal Darjeelings to arrive, as they are my favorites.  They are somewhat heartier than the earlier ones and I like them.   The autumnal Oolongs from Taiwan are teas I've not tried and I am intending to do that this year.

What are some of the autumnal teas you like?

Some more early masonry, these from a monastery garden and probably several hundred years older than the High Gothic of the last blog.  Simple is also beautiful.

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Patrick Allen said...


Hard to beat a good cup of Earl Grey on a chilly morning in Autmn or Winter... But it CAN be done!

As you mention, the Atumnal Darjeelings are a wonderful treat that should be tasted by every tea fan at least once!

Another great tea for those cooler Autumn days is a good Golden Monkey tea from China. It has a deliciously strong, yet not overpowering taste that is slightly sweet and remnicent of cocoa.

As much as I love my green tea (and I do drink it all year), most green teas remind me of fresh vegitation and spring/summertime. The same goes for most lighter oolong teas. In the colder months, I opt for darker oolongs such as the Pheonix Mountan Dan Cong that Teavana sells as one excellent example.

Some teas make excellent sips all year long, but sometimes you just want one that seems to fit the season a bit better. I tend to go darker in Autumn/Winter, and lighter in the Spring/Summer.

I've recently started my own blog for tea and coffee lovers in the Washington, DC area, so if anyone is interested, take a look: