Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Cup Runneth Over (All Over The Place)

As I was pouring water in my tea pot today, I managed to pour it all over the counter, as well, due entirely to inattention.  It got me thinking about what we tea people have done that at least in retrospect, was accidental  or silly and has now become funny.

I am sometimes given to trying to look more knowledgeable than I really am and it almost always backfires and I am shown up as a right twit.  One such occasion, thankfully, long ago, I very smartly ordered both milk and lemon with my tea - two is better than one and ever so much smarter, right?  Umm humm and we all know what happened - the milk curdled and looked disgusting, but I drank it anyway, in a fit of payment rendered for the sin of pride, or something like that.   I think I am still embarrassed.

How about you?  Have you done anything tea related that backfired?  When I was a kid I made blue ice cubes, to make our drinks more colorful.  Oh, they did alright, they looked like something diseased in the ice tea and it was really difficult for our guests to be polite and drink at least some of it.  Object lesson on "We eat (and drink) with our eyes first"  Since then I am a little more careful in how I make things colorful.

I am not drinking a new tea today, but I am trying a new tea candy from Tea Forte' - minteas Results - tea mints for fitness, matcha chai flavor.  They allege that the matcha, which makes them green, is slimming and the cinnamon aids in keeping you fit.  Gosh, I don't know, that seems a  lot for one 1/4 inch mint to do.  I have my doubts.  However, taste wise, they're pretty good, with a big bite of cinnamon.  I can't really taste any matcha, but it may be gentling the cinnamon.  They're tasty and well worth getting if you like that particular spice.  Warning - they are a bit khaki colored, which to me is odd.

This is Vienna, the tall spike in the middle is the cathedral, Stephansdom.  One of the many Hapsburg palaces, this the Belvedere, is just beyond the gardens.  Behind me is another palace, where visitors stayed. The royal family did not allow people, even other royals, to stay in the same palace with them.

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