Sunday, July 29, 2012

Elderberry Tea

Are you all ready for the Olympics?  I am.  It is the only sports I watch.  Well, perhaps a bit of football  once in a while.  I don't even really care who wins, I just like to see people who are the best of the best struttin' their stuff.  I would love to see more dressage, as I love horses, but it's not a popular sport.  Here's to all of you who have come so far!

Is there an official tea for the Olympics?  I know McDonald's is the official restaurant.  Although it is awful food, it is pretty world wide.  I guess Subway is, also.  They could use a bit of an upgrade in their choices.

Official or not, my tea is from Tea Vivre - Yun Nan Dian Hong, golden tip.  The suggestions on the sample call for water at 185 degrees for 2-3 minutes.  I did 2.5.  An unusually low temp and short brew for a Yunnan.  However, we'll see.  The small packet had a lovely typical Yunnan aroma with a hint of fruitiness and was primarily golden buds and tips, nice big ones.  

As the tea was brewing, it smelt very fresh with a hint of corn that was immediately taken over by the scent of elderberries or concord grapes, if you will, but I think elderberries is much closer.  The liquor was a lovely medium copper color with a bit of a nutty flavor, but mostly elderberry, some grape and a bit of something roasted.  I tried some with a little cream and that brought out a very nice caramel flavor.  A lovely Yunnan. I think I'll keep this brewing method in mind for some of my other Yunnans I wasn't so taken with and see what happens. 

Our little downy and hairy woodpeckers have gotten braver and really give the piggy jays a talking to for being so greedy.  I wish someone would do the same for the squirrels, of which we now have 7.  Too many greedy critters.

The Ernster is over his flare-up of EOS granuloma and is now feeling sociable.  He has parked himself on top of the couch, where a fan can blow cool air over him all day.

More church balconies.  I really like the way German churches are painted.  Ours seem awfully staid.  This morning was our organist's last day with us and he pulled out all the stops on the postlude.  There is something majestic about the floor and you shaking from the power of the vibrations from the big pipes of the organ.  It was wonderful!

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Alex Zorach said...

I also recently tried this same tea from TeaVivre, and found it to be a bit bready / grainy (in a good way) and also fruitier. I also had trouble pinning down exactly what fruit it resembled. I tried brewing it many different ways and it always tasted good.

That's good that the woodpeckers are holding their own against the jays. I only see jays occasionally in my neighborhood now. The only bickering birds that I saw today were bickering least sandpipers, which arrived numbering in the hundreds in mudflats when the water level dropped in the wildlife refuge across from the Philadelphia airport.

It has been some time since I heard good organ music; the churches I've visited lately have had a marked absence of organ.