Thursday, May 17, 2012

No Lime in My Coconut

Oh yum, coconut muffins with Golden Moon's Coconut Pouchong Tea.  A regular gilding of the lily, as it were.  This is a flavored tea, with crinkly brown/black leaves smelling distinctly wonderful of very toasted coconut.  The suggestions are for 2 teaspoons of tea per cup, 180 degree water for 4 minutes.  It smells super as it is brewing and I so hope the flavor lives up to the pre-brew razz ma tazz.

Well, this one can razzle dazzle all it wants, it's a success.  Very tasty.  The surprisingly pale green liquor is loaded with a gentle, sweet coconut that partners very well with  the light floral of the Oolong.  There doesn't seem to be any chemical taste, which I abhor, so I would give this high ratings for a flavored tea.  It has more body than I would have expected.  It strikes me as very rich, so I think something along the lines of a fruit salad  - mostly citrus, I think - would be a better pairing than my muffins- definitely too much of a good thing.  A sprinkle of coconut wouldn't hurt, however.

A very interesting altar in the tiniest of churches.  The pews you see are all there are.  This is in the Ballenberg Museum in Switzerland - a huge outdoor museum filled with old buildings,  heritage animals, restaurants serving  traditional foods, outdoor games, working breweries and bake shops and people to explain it all.  Very much a working museum, like Williamsburg.  We spent a day there and perhaps covered about 1/5th of it.  I loved it!

Today has been good - sunny, warm enough, cool enough, so I planted a bunch of herbs and perennials.  I got a little smarter this year and bought small plants so  we wouldn't get hernias hauling all that gravel to make adequate holes - 3" of top soil over limitless gravel.

Oh dear, the starlings have discovered my largesse.  They are one bird I really don't appreciate and keep telling the fur persons to eat them, but so far, I have had no luck.  Our lone turkey is back.  He is very skittish and often runs away, with a funny high pitched kak-kak-kak.  The whipporwills are beginning to call a lot in the evening and sometimes between them, the owls and the frogs, it can be quite noisy.  But it's a nice noise, soothing as I sit on the porch for a last cup of tea, usually an herbal.

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Steph said...

One of my favorite teas (and I'm not much on flavored - but the aroma of this is heaven!). Did you know this was a winner a few years ago at the Tea Expo?