Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cucumbers In The Rain

Pouring rain.  Gray skies.  Wet cats.  Tea to the rescue!

Tea Forte is ever expanding its line and I was gifted with one of the newbies.  It is Cucumber Mint  "green tea for youth recovery".  Gosh, I don't know if I really should, as I am pretty content being older.  Oh well, it can't really hurt.  Besides, it also has blueberries in it and antioxidants and its supposed to do something for my skin. All  that in one tiny teabag!

I use water at a near boil and steep it for three minutes.  It has a rather odd aroma of guess what - mint and blueberry!  I can't decide if I like it.  The tea is a bit odd as well.  At first, I really couldn't say what it tasted like, but then different aspects will come forth to be recognized, clearly cucumber or mint or the sharp/sweet of the fruit.  It's intriguing and I am definitely going to keep drinking it.  I am going to cool some and see how it will be as ice tea.

Some of the rhododendrons across the street are blooming, but a lot got frozen out, as did our lilacs, which is a great grief to me.  Our neighbors early rhodys got frozen into an ugly brown mess and it looks like the plants aren't doing well.  I think our currents and gooseberries managed to hit it right, as they seem to be producing some fruit.  Hopefully more than the six currents we got last year.  Elderberries are finally growing, but the rose seem to be in sad shape.  Sigh, weather can't be controlled, but gardeners live into hope.

A cheeseman at the farmers market in Bern, Switzerland.  Good stuff!

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