Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Tiny Little Teapot

Attention all you Anglophiles - I was at T J Maxx this am and they had the cutest tea pot.  It is a one cupper, with the British flag molded into the sides.  It's white and comes with 10 English Breakfast teabags for $6.99.  You mught want to check out your local T J or Marshall's if this is of interest.  Of course I bought it - too cute to resist.

Speaking of teapots, I was looking around the house yesterday and thought I had best shrink my collection before we have to move, which I will NOT do.  Between them and all my teas, it is getting ridiculous.  This after I just got another one.  Hopeless, just hopeless.

I am drinking a very nice Assam I got from my swap partner throught the Tea Blog Review tea swap, and look for "Tea Swap".  I don't know whose it is, but it commendably  brisk, malty and a great wake-me-up, which I needed after errand running today.  It is not a nuanced cup, just a pleasantly straightforward, good-tasting Assam.  Sometimes I am just tired of thinking about my tea and only want one that tastes good and requires nothing from me except making and swallowing.  I am very happy there at least both these sorts of tea in the world.  They are something to suit any mood or whimsey.

We got a wonderful food basket from my sister-in-law for Christmas and some of it was smoked duck breast (super tasting) and some was preserved duck leg.  I bought some beans and dragged out the French cook books and I am going to make cassoulet, which is basically baked beans with a few different kinds of meat and lots of garlic.  It is so good.  There are very traditional ways of making it, but I think that this peasant dish originated as using up what was on hand before the recipes got set in stone.  Therefore...  I think many dishes from many cuisines were like that and that we should be able to interpret our dishes that way.

As you may be able to tell from the colors, this is the organ of Tuesday's church, on the back wall  of the church.  It is so beautifully fancy, especially since the church is pretty plain.

The weather predictors say we will get 1-6 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow.  I would love it, but I am not going to hold my breath.


Steph said...

I'll hope you get the snow!

Prim Rose Hill ©2008-2012 said...

Hi Marlena! I love TJ Maxx...they always seem to have some interesting little tea things.

I have been trying to email you but it keeps bouncing back to me. I wanted to thank you for your comments on my tea blog about low carb-ing. WOW--you've done great!! I do have a Dana Carpenter cook book and George Stella also. I actually had a DR appt this morning and she was thrilled how much I lost over the holidays! :)I really love this way of eating. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! :)