Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rubber Ducky You're the One

Leaving Ravena by train, we noticed these poppies. They are all
along the train lines in all the waste spaces. This picture doesn't
adequately capture them, but they provide a lovely note in ugly spaces.

I have found a really delicious tea - Ceylon Symphony, from the Boston Tea Company, who kindly sent me samples to review. Ceyon tea often doesn't get many rave reviews, as it can be bland and is certainly a lot softer and mellower than, say, an Assam. It is often used in flavored teas, as it blends well with them. However, from first to last, this is a wonderful tea! When I first opened the packet I was struck by the scent - a fresh, deep winey aroma came off the deepish reddish black leaves. There was some sweetness there, too. I was going to brew it for 5 minutes - a great leap for me, but I got distracted and I know it went for at least 6, if not more. I really was afraid of what it would taste like, but it was a very pleasant surprise. There was none of that awfull tannic taste you get with overbrewed tea, but instead, a deep roasted herbal taste and scent. The tea was delicate and gentle but with that roasted depth to it. Truly superb.

Some bits of tea news - got to and click on tea championship, you'll see this year's winners in the tea competitions in several categories.

Hop on over to and click on tea books for a fairly long list of neat titles.

Over on there is an article about an Indian company that has purchased the remaining remnant of the old East India Company, returning indian property to Indian hands. A great day for them.

Last, but certainly not least, for all you rubber ducky fans, there is now such a critter for brewing a cuppa uppa - go to and click on new to get you own "bird in the pond"

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