Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ginger by the Light of the Moon

More Buttresses. I really liked the recurring pattern, different, yet the

As we feared, no rain yet. Yesterday we visited frieds who have a bumper crop of elderberries. These were a great favorite of my family when I was growing up, so I have an equally great sentimental attachment to them. I am going to make a pie aand some eldererry sauce.

Another Golden Moon Tea for today. This one is White Ginger, with Yin Zhen buds and leaves and pieces of dried ginger. The tea smells nice and fresh, with just hints of ginger. The leaves are large and downy, with a good amount of buds and what seems like a lot of twigs. I brewed it for about 2 minutes with not quite boiling water. It came out a pretty tan. This is a delicate tea, as are all white teas. It is gently sweet, with what I would think of as the right amount of ginger - enough to compliment, but not over whelm the tea. High marks!

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