Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Lazy Tea Day

The Aar valley in Kanton Berne, Switzerland

I know I said I was going to fiddle with the Silver Leaf Tea from a few days ago, but the weather has turned cold and nasty and I really, really want some Yunnan Gold from Adagio.

When I am tasting tea, I feel I have to work at catching all the nuances of color, flavor, appearence, and brew parameters to give an adequate review and today I just don't have it. We have been seriously unpacking all morning, which means many decisions about where to put things and my brain is yelling "No more, I'll burst", so I am turning to an old friend.

I may even do as all the cats are doing - take a nap. They of course, had to run out first thing theis morning to see if there was possibly any vole they hadn't caught yet, when they , in turn, got caught in the down pour. Such cries of distress and abandonment! Such bedragglement! But after much drying and licking, they are all tightly curled in warm mounds - on MY bed. Maybe I'll just use the recliner. Cats!


Jennifer said...

Actually, I, personally, am not ATB, stand-alone...sorry...are you on steepster by chance!? We can pm thru there!?

Marlena said...

Yes, I am on steepster