Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Houses in Durlach, Germany, following the curve of the medieval town fortress wall.

Thanks to the blog Lainie Sips, I have learned of a new tea company. New to me, certainly, and relatively new on the market. This is BourgeaTEA, which can be found at It was started in 2008 by Chris Bourgea to provide quality tea to students on his university campus in Indiana. The various people in charge of the different operations within the company are/were also students. He is going to send me some samples to try, so I'll be reviewing them soon. Chris is also the youngest master certified by the American Tea Masters. It is exciting to see someone who wants to help make tea appealing to younger people and help it slough off the “little old lady” image it sometimes has. I suppose by age I fit there, but not in my mind, there I am still 27.

I finally got most of my cookbooks unpacked today. Oh happy day, now I need to read through them and find some good stuff to do – haven't really been doing much that's creative lately. Although we did have fried green tomatoes with a lime/honey/cream dressing that was superb on them. I know it sounds weird, but it set them off perfectly.

Here's the recipe – Whisk together
about ¼ cup olive oil,
2Tbls. Honey
1Tbls. Vinegar – I used homemade Basil vinegar
Juice of 1 lime
¼ cup half and half
Salt to taste and lots of pepper
This is all an approximation, as I did not measure anything. I basically played with it until I liked it. That is how I do most of my cooking. Not so much baking, as that is more a chemical process.

No tea reviews today, as I am in day 3 of a horrendous weather headache, and tea just aggravates it.

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Alex Zorach said...

Thanks for bringing this company to my attention, it looks interesting! =) I just added it to BourgeaTEA and hope to add their teas soon so people can review them.