Friday, January 25, 2013

Back To My Tea, Hooray!

It is so utterly beautiful.  Three days ago, after an extensive January thaw, so that we were all swilling around in mud again, the temperature dropped and it snowed!  Nice sticky snow that coated every branch and twig, every pine and fir needle; all covered in silvery white.  The amazing thing is that it is still on them.  We haven't had enough wind to send the snow swirling away into drifts and everyday it has snowed a little.  Today the sun is shining so it's just breath-taking.

 Since then it's melted and blown and now we are cold to the bone and out the other side.  Critters, Inc. stick their noses out, run around for 5 minutes and run in giving me "The Look" of "how could you be so mean as to put me out." Humph!

I am sorry to be such a poor blogger, but that flu really left me with a very sorry case of the blahs, temperamentally and worse, food and drink-wise,  However, I think I am once again human and back on the trail of teas.  Today we are drinking a sample from Teavivre.  It comes from Fengqing, Yunnan, China and is called Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black Tea.  It is composed of small balls, about 3/8ths of an inch across, tightly rolled of black and tan leaves - quite attractive and reminiscent of balls of material ready to make braided rugs that are sometimes found in antique shops.

The packet gives off something of a sharp winey aroma and after I brew it for 2 minutes, it is rather pale, but very, very fresh smelling, with some wine underneath and the very barest hint of smoke.  You really have to work to get the latter, so don't let it put you off.  The first sip is a bit woodsy, earthy tasting, with a hint of perhaps walnut.  That continues, but segues into a more roasted nut flavor, still with the wood and earth backing it up.  It is a really, really good tea and I will definitely be getting more of this.

Saw some cardinals today - they really make winter bearable, as do my little downy woodpeckers.

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