Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Prayers For The People

It is a sad day for many on the coast.  We've been there and believe me, you have our thoughts and prayers and any help we can send you.  We do know what you're going through - the fear, the despair, the worry, the numbness.  We only hope that things can quickly get back to normal for you.

Having said that, it is hard to return to the more mundane topic of tea.  However, I am reminded that during WWII, tea kept many people going and throughout London, there were tea canteens to lift people's spirits.  There are pictures of even the King and Queen, whom we knew as the Queen Mum, in the canteens, handing out and drinking tea with those suffering in the Blitz.  Tea is not only a ritual and a pleasant moment in the day, it is life-sustaining.  When we were going through the flood and its aftermath last year, a cup of tea really made a difference.

I think in honor of brave people everywhere, I will indeed lift a cup of tea.  It is from Verdant Tea, their Wild-picked Yunnan, Jin Jun Mei.  It is very interesting.  The packet is coated with gold dust and the dry golden leaves smell like sugar cookies!  The leaves are about medium long and twisted.  There aren't many brown or tan ones.  They are very fluffy so I am using about 1.5 teaspoons per cup, with almost boiling water for about 3 minutes.

The brew is a lovely golden amber and smells very fall-ish.  There are dry leaves, a hint of nuts, and a hint of tobacco, but there is a nice edge of sweetness as well.  Perhaps there is also a touch of green in the mix.
The tea has some dryness in my mouth and the bite of walnuts.  At the end, there is a feeling of smoothness left in the mouth.  There is a hint of caramel, which is enhanced by the addition of a bit of cream.  I know many people consider the addition of anything sacrilege, but I like my tea that way, on the whole, although less so than before. 

The pitch pines are now all green and we have a lawn full of tiny gold soldiers, standing ever so erect and at attention.  I didn't realize the wind blew straight down last night.  It sure did howl.  I love storms and we don't get many here.  I know they can cause infinite trouble, but I appreciate their sound and fury anyway.  I even like blizzards, even if I have to shovel.  That said, I would like to see some sun in the forecast.


The Teaist said...

So true. There were batches of posters produced with "Keep Calm and Carry On" during the Blitz. And to this day, the English solution to every problem is TEA!

My thoughts and prayers are with the American East Coast too. Be safe and be well!

Steph said...

A good point - we have to carry on!