Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We All Win

The North American Tea Championships were held Feb 28-29.  More than 50 business submitted over 230 of their teas to this professionally judged competition.  It is the only one in North America.  Rishi Teas did really well with 6 First, 2 Seconds and 6 Third place winners!  Congratulations to them.  Q Trade Teas followed close behind with 4 First prize winners.

Other tea companies that placed first in at least one category were: Florapharm Tea, KIMCHA Tea, Naivetea, Newby Teas of London, Rare Tea Celler, Silk Road Tea, Yogic Chai and Sipping Streams.  Many of these are familiar to us.  The participants are thrilled to have professional judging by top tea tasters in the field.  It gives everyone bench marks to aim for.  If you go to the World Tea News site, you will be able to see the full list of winners.

Competitions such as this enables all tea drinkers to win as we can drink the winners, knowing they are the best in their category.  it also gives us something to compare other teas to.  As more and more people are drinking tea, many will want this kind of guidance. 

We could also do a Winners' Tea Party, perhaps for Derby Day and serve the winning teas after the "Run for the Roses"  Just a thought.  It would certainly work for any other contest you might want to celebrate.  It might also work for a graduation party, if you have a tea drinking teen.

One of the tea chat groups - Afternoon Tea Across America - has been discussing doing a tea based on the British Comedy "Keeping Up Appearences".  Only from the side of Hyncinth's rather lower class sister and brother-in-law, Daisy and Onslow.   They'd have [chipped] heavy mugs, The Racing Times, romance novels, bacon sarnies (sandwiches) crisps, maybe fish and chips.  All served with a deadly strong black tea with milk and sugar, the TV on in the background.  But with lots of good cakes.  It could be very, very funny with all participants having a good laugh..

Poppies along the Italian railroad.

My hollyhocks have come up.  These are the almost black ones, faced with re phlox, if it surviived and then yellow daylillies in fron of them.  I am tired of always beginning gardens and never seeing them mature.  Hopefully we will live long enough here that that won't be the case.


Steph said...

Yay for the winners and the participants!

Alex Zorach said...

Those poppies are one of the things I like about Europe...they're so beautiful, and they're everywhere!