Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wining About Tea

My blogger has been non-functional for several days, but is now working - hooray!!!

I have really got to stop saying I don’t like certain kinds of tea. As soon as I do, up pops a type I do like and then I have to retract and be embarrassed and, well, really, I ought to just not make pronouncements. Sadly, that will probably not happen and I will continue to get in trouble.

I have often said I don’t generally like flavored teas, but then I make exceptions for Earl Grey, Jasmine, Rose-Kissed Jasmine, Lady Londonderry, and oh the sad list goes on and on. And I do like the whole gamut of wine teas. SBS Teas has a list of about 7 and I just got a bunch of them to try. They even have a black one, which is unusual. I am having it today, Assam Cabernet. It smells like the many wineries I have happily whiled away a day in, tasting this wine and that. A very happy association. Being mixed with Assam tea, it is a good bit sturdier than those mixed with the Oolongs, greens and whites. It also has cinnamon and licorice root in it. Hmmm, is that a good thing?

When I smelled these attractive dark leaves, it certainly smelled just fine. I brewed it with “furiously” boiling water for 3.5 minutes. At first I could smell the cinnamon and was put off by it, but by the time I was drinking it, that had disappeared into a very pleasant winey whole that I really like. Personally, I will use larger spoonfuls and a bit longer brew time next time, as this was not quite adequate, but I think the potential is there for a top-notch wine flavored tea. As it cooled, however, the cinnamon came out and I think this would be a better tea without it. Just the wine, please. Now if one could only find no calorie chocolate as good, we’d have a party.

I used a handy little gadget to measure the tea, cunningly called a “Loose Tea Measure” from SBS Teas. It is a sliding measuring spoon and measures out 1-5 cups of tea from weak to strong. It seems to work well and it’s a no-brainer and who among us doesn’t need another tea gadget. It was only $2.50, I believe.  SBS was also kind enough to send some tea candies, some tea samples and some cute little one cup make your own tea bags - thank you!  I really appreciate companies that do that, and sometimes I get the teas I'm sampling this way.  Lupicia Tea send out a short monthly newsletter, with a sample attached.  All very much appreciated.

Ah, mountains.  I've just been reading The Eiger Obsession, about climbing that mountain.  Not for me, I think I will just admire from afar.


Steph said...

Glad you are back!!!

Mafalda said...

Hello! I've just come across your blog and I loved it!

I'm a tea lover as well and I have to say that black teas are probably my favourite ones, especially Earl Grey tea!

I've also tried Assam tea and it was a surprise. It has a peculiar malty flavour and such a bright colour! And of course, it offers incredible health benefits.

It boosts the immune system and metabolism, allowing us to ward off ailments and lose fat faster.

It also works both as a stimulant and a natural sedative. So I often drink it during the day.

What other teas have you tried recently?

Marlena said...

Hi Mafalda, I just looked at your blog - so much good information. Blacks are my favorites, although I like greens and Oolongs as well. I don't think I have a good enough palate for whites and yellows. I like pu-erhs, but that seems like such an esoteric area, I am afarid to get ino it. But I like what I have had.

Mafalda said...

Hello Marlena! I'm glad you liked it!

I've tried all types of tea. Black teas are my favorites as I said, just because they offer a stronger taste.

However, white teas are very good. The higher grades like silver needle. You should try it! Very gentle and healthy!

As far as oolongs...I have to say they are one of a kind! They are most difficult teas to process, thus resulting in peculiar taste.

You should try pu-erh as well. It is different, yes, and it may take a while to fully appreciate it, but it's quite a surprise and extremely health!

Go ahead and try some other teas and let us know how your experience was!