Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Making A List

I am making a list of what you can do in six minutes.  You can make a cup of tea.  But then you must drink it through a straw, which, for me, means just drinking old faithfuls, as it is hard to think about all its goodnesses whilst almost upside down.  And I have so many teas to try!

You can read books on tea, which I have been doing and will report on.    In the middle of one, I realized how utterly foreign to me is China.  Totally outside my fields of reference,  but it makes me want to learn more.  I will never have their aesthetic sense of tea and tea culture, but I am beginning to learn to appreciate it.

You can almost knit, but then the boring becomes excruciatingly slow and really, really, really not worth it.

You can crochet and so I am, learning to make straight edges.  It is more absorbing than reading, somehow, so I can forget how much my back protests crouched over.  One and a half dishcloths yesterday.  I'll keep the embarassing ones for myself.

My cousin tells me we are having a new baby in the family, so I could crochet a baby blanket, but I can't go get baby yarn.  Hurry down, Oct. 20.

 Ta for now, I am going to fill up and set to heating my 2.5 quart water boiler, so it is easier to make tea.  Thank you for all your kind wishes.

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Steph said...

You certainly are rebounding quickly! To your continued quick healing.