Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Say Keemun, You Say Qi Men

Nice bit of Gothic soaring.

The hills are finally beginning to color more, but as we've not yet had frost, it's not too impressive - one of those falls that kind of limps along, so that you see trees here and there that are brilliant, but no masses of super-color.

My friend D has decided to raise Italian Volpinos - Google them, they are super gorgeous. On both her and her pup's maiden trip to the show ring - with no preparation, the divine Miss G took 16 ribbons! Including something like 12 firsts. Way to go Giovanna! D didn't trip or do anything to detract from her dog, either!

I have been on a Keemun kick lately. I do love the stuff and I ordered a bunch of it from different sources. Today's comes from Aura Teas, one of my favorite companies and this is their Organic Keemun Black. I love the tins it comes in. This particular tea comes from Wuyan, Jianxi, China. It is also known as Qi Men Hong Cha, Qi Hong or Prince Tea. It is only picked in the Spring and Summer and then only the first 2 leaves and the end bud. The processed tea is a shiny black, consisting of tightly rolled leaves. I also love having all this information.

This particular Keemun's dry leaves are not so smokey as others I have had, there is more of the characteristic deep wine, with a sweet scent. I didn't quite follow directions, as I had an impatient husband waiting, but I brewed it fairly close to 1 teaspoon per 4 ounces of 203 degree water for 2 minutes and a second brew with an additional 20 seconds [really closer to 30].
Yum, a lovely sweet and floral aroma that carries over into the taste, but there is still that underlying weight of some wine. This first infusion is very smooth. The second infusion reminds me at first of dried corn with a hint of a green autumnal taste. It is also very smooth. I like them both with milk, as there is yet another taste sensation. An excellent tea for a cool Fall day!
This is not the best Keemun I've had this year, but I would rank it up with the top three.

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